Russian Spy Network Busted In Netherlands, 2 Diplomats Face Deportation

AMSTERDAM: The General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) of the Netherlands has claimed to have busted a Russian spy network which resulted in the deportation of two Russian civilian intelligence service SVR.

According to local media reports, an intelligence officer of the Russian civilian intelligence service SVR, worked as an accredited diplomat at the Russian embassy in The Hague – and was engaged in espionage in the field of technology and science. He built a substantial network of sources, all of which are or have been active in the Dutch high-tech sector.

Reports said that the Russian intelligence officer contacted individuals with access to sensitive information within the high-tech sector, and that some individuals were paid by the intelligence officer in exchange for information.

A second Russian intelligence officer from the SVR, who was also accredited as a diplomat at the Russian embassy in The Hague, played a supporting role. Both intelligence officers have been declared ‘persona non grata’ by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This means that they are no longer allowed to operate as diplomats in the Netherlands and will have to leave our country shortly.

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