KU VC Inaugurates Karachi University Business Incubation Center

KARACHI: Universities are the right centers to engage students with innovative ideas and with proper guidance and support they would produce productive results. Innovative ideas are required to compete in the market and if we provide a solid platform to the young students, then they could play their role in the development of the country’s socio-economical development.

When we talk about the economics of Pakistan and a nation, we must realize that everyone has to contribute to the development of society. We have to provide a strong platform to our young generation so that they could contribute to the development of the nation and country.

These views were expressed by the Vice Chancellor University of Karachi Professor Dr Khalid Mahmood Iraqi on Monday. He was addressing the audience after inaugurating Karachi University Business Incubation Center.

He informed them that in the past, he started a similar project as the Dean Faculty of Management and Administrative Sciences with 10 startup projects in three departments. We gave them space and guidance and with the passage of time, now all of them are running their own businesses.

He urged that teachers should give special attention to every student and with commitment and determination our students would provide better results in every field of life.

Meanwhile, Syed Ali Akhtar, the Chief Executive Officer Emirates Institute of Health Sciences, UAE, said that they would provide the lab and a conference room to the KUBIC and also help in completing the remaining work of Karachi University Business Incubation Center.

He said that such projects could not be completed by the universities themselves and philanthropists should come forward to help higher education institutions. Even in the US, universities received donations and funding from individuals and companies.

Another speaker, Qaim Mehdi, coordinator AlKauser Pakistan Operations, said that they are providing scholarships to over 400 students for the past 12 years and they would provide scholarships to more than 40 students of the University of Karachi and he is going to meet the varsity’s director finance to finalize the proposal.
Meanwhile, Manager KUBIC Talha Bin Shuja shared that most of the incubation centers in Pakistan are serving tech entrepreneurs. What makes us different from them is that we are focusing on scientists and researchers as they are the backbone of the economy which can initiate disruptive innovations, solve major problems of the society and transform the economy of Pakistan.

The Manager Research Operations and Development of the Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization Dr Asma Tabassum said that this center would help the students and platform to become an entrepreneur. We have many projects in the pipeline which would be initiated in near future.

Earlier, the Director ORIC Professor Dr Aliya Rehman shed light on the establishment of ORIC and its vision and broader role in the entrepreneur landscape.

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