7 Sipah Muhammad Terrorists Arrested in Punjab

LAHORE: The Counter Terror Department (CTD) Punjab has claimed arresting 7 terrorists of banned Sipah-e-Muhammad from different parts of Punjab.

A CTD spokesperson said their department and a sensitive agency were jointly working on an international network of terrorists active in Sargodha Region for some time. The Network belonged to Proscribed Organization SMP (Sipah-e-Muhammad Pakistan). The mastermind of the network had been directing the network from a neighbouring country. The Network was planning to kill leadership of the opposite sect. Main aim of the terrorists was to commit terrorism in order to spread violent sectarianism in the country and to create chaos.

According to the spokesperson, on 06th January in morning, the CTD Team Sargodha and Sensitive Agency officers got credible source information that 02 terrorists were on their way to kill the leadership of the opposite sect. The CTD Team tried to stop them at Luqman Canal on Kot Momin Road, in district Sargodha. The terrorists opened fire on the cm Team. The CTD took precautions and arrested the terrorists. Their names were: Musharraf Abbas @ Bawaji and Ameerbaaz @ Shahid. Explosives and parts of and lED (Improvised Explosive Device), a rifle, a pistol and ammunition were recovered from them. In initial questioning, they divulged information about their Network consisting of 07 terrorists. They further disclosed information about their plans to kill various leaders of the opposite sect. FIR against them was registered in Police Station CTD Sargodha.

On their disclosures, raids were conducted at various places. In afternoon of 6th January, a raid was conducted in Grot Chowk, city Joharabad district Khushab. 02 terrorists were arrested. Their names were: Niaz Abbas and Adeel Abbas. A hand grenade, a Kalashnikov rifle, a pistol, ammunition and funds were recovered from their possession. FIR was registered against them in Police Station CTD Sargodha.

Final raid was conducted today (7th January) in morning in area of Tehsil Sahiwal of district Sargodha where 03 terrorists were arrested. Their names are; Aslam Hussain, Baharat Khan and Muhammad Ali. Recoveries from them include: pads of IED including explosive material, detonators, safety fuse. 5- With the arrest of these 07 terrorists, a big terrorist plot has been disrupted. If the plan had succeeded, violent sectarian clashes might have erupted. Punjab has been saved from a big disaster. In the initial investigation, it is revealed that their mastermind is a terrorist namely Mehmood Iqbal @ Mesam caste Baloch. He is staying in the neighbouring country. The Intelligence Agency of that country has been providing finances to this Network for purchasing weapons and explosives for the terrorist activities. Interpol will be approached to arrest the mastermind from the neighbouring country. More disclosures are expected from the terrorists.

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