PM’s New Year Gift: 50 State-of-the-Art Fire Tenders, 2 Bousers For Karachi

By Mubeen Hussain

KARACHI: The Governor said that KMC has only 11 fire tenders in in working condition in 26 fire stations in the city at present while 33 out of 44 fire tenders are out of order.

He was addressing at a function with regard to 50 fire tenders and two bouzers for the city of Karachi. Talking to media on the occasion, Governor Sindh said that such a large number of fire tenders have never been procured. “Under private public partnership, 9 industrial associations will be given two fire tenders while Sailani and Chhepa will also be given fire tenders”, he added.

He further said that the entities to which these fire tenders would be entrusted would also be responsible for the maintenance and water availability of these fire tenders while maintenance for three years of these fire tenders would be made possible by the federal government through supplier of the fire tenders. He said that we wish that Prime Minister Imran Khan to personally hand over these fire tenders to the fire department of KMC, after clearing them from customs.

He further said that the efforts of Sindh Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited are worthwhile in making this project a success. Responding to a question, he clarified that the project was initiated entirely under the present government and the impression that the previous government had made taken any initiative on the project was completely wrong and baseless. Talking to media, Federal Minister Aminul Haq said that the promise of Sindh Governor Imran Ismail and former Mayor of Karachi was fulfilled today.

He further said that obstruction of development works in Karachi would not be tolerated. Talking to media, Federal Minister Asad Umar said that the K-IV project should be taken forward by the federation on which WAPDA has started work while a modern transport system will be launched on the Green Line track in July this year. At the same time, a railway link will be constructed from Freight Corridor Port to Pipri, which will solve the problem of delay at the port and traffic in the city. In this regard, the services of consultant for Circular Railway and Freight Corridor have also been procured. Federal Minister Ali Zaidi also spoke to the media on the occasion.

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