FIA Cyber Crime Wing Disposes Off 100K Complaints in 2020

KARACHI: The Cybercrime Wing of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has disposed off around 1 Lac complaints, while busted 3 gangs involved in Child Pornography.

According to a press note issued here on Monday, Cyber Crime reporting during the year 2020 increased almost 5 times as compared to previous year but so has the disposal of the complaints that touched 1 lac mark by end of 2020.

According to data made available by the FIA, total complaints lodged at Cybercrime Wing for year 2020 were 94,227 mainly relating to financial fraud, harassment, stalking and unauthorised access.

Cybercrime Wing took various initiatives to deal with the increased work load

  1. A complaint management unit was established at each reporting centre. This unit collectively disposed off more than 1 lac complainants.
  • Specialised investigation units were established to deal with financial crime, harassment, defamation, women harassment, child pornography and high profile cases. These units successfully disposed off 9073 enquires (almost 50% more than previous year) and 374 cases (100% more than previous year)
  • A special campaign was launched against child exploitation. 24 FIRs, 26 arrests and 3 gangs were busted this year involved in child pornography / exploitation.
  • International cooperation was strengthened with Interpol, national crime bureau, Facebook and Wahtsap and exchange of information saw considerable improvement with total requests received were 214 and responded 191.
  • Field operations were intensified. 621 accused , 22 gangs arrested and 2,00,00 electronic gadgets recovered.
  • 22 accused involved in BISP fraud were arrested and 4 million recovered after registration of 16 cases and 95 enquiries.
  • Internal and external trainings were conducted and capacity building carried out.
  • 49 new vehicles purchased.
  • 400 new staff added to manpower.

 4 new centres of cybercrime opened

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