Pakistan Maritime Security Agency Observes Kashmir Solidarity Day

KARACHI: In order to commemorate solidarity with the people of occupied Kashmir for their right of freedom, officers & members of staff of Pakistan Maritime Security Ship DASHT under took activities at sea on 05 Feb joining the entire Nation to acknowledge epic struggle of Kashmiris who are facing brutal atrocities of Indian Forces since long.

A spokesperson for the PMS said the ship flying large flags of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir on its main mast displayed banners and panaflexs highlighting Indian atrocities in the illegal occupied Jammu & Kashmir. The smartly turned up members of staff in their neat uniforms were lined up waving Kashmiri flags to support the cause & to show solidarity and comradeship with oppressed Kashmiris. To highlight the importance of the day the Commanding Officer of PMSS DASHT, Lt Cdr Farrukh Ahmed PN addressed his ship’s company.

Later the Commanding Officer briefed media personnel about PMSA’s efforts to highlight the Kashmir issue at international level. He underscored that our Kashmiri brothers & sisters are engaged in a heroic struggle and have continued to lay supreme sacrifices for their right if self determination in line with UN resolutions. This clearly symbolises principled and shared aspirations of PMSA and the Pakistani nation as a whole. The Captain explained that during various visits onboard PMSS DAHST by foreign delegations and port calls by the ship to foreign countries, efforts are made to highlight the issue. He also mentioned that one of the PMSA ship is named as KASHMIR.

The Commanding Officer also highlighted that Pakistan has a coastline of over 1000 KMs along the Arabian Sea, extending seaward upto 350 NM. Its Maritime Zones span over an area of 290,000 Square Kilometers. Pakistan Maritime Security Agency under the laws of Pakistan and United Nations conventions on law of the sea of 1982 (UNCLOS 82) enforces Pakistan’s polices and convention in the entire maritime zones of Pakistan. It was once again re-iterated that beside protecting Pakistan maritime interests in the Maritime Zones., PMSA would continue to support Kashmir our Kashmiri brothers and sisters in their efforts to gain freedom from the occupier.

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