Afghanistan: India Evacuates Diplomatic Staff From Kandahar

KABUL: The Modi regime has finally decided to evacuate diplomatic staff from Kandahar, southern Afghanistan, owing to persistent gains made by Afghan Taliban in their fight against government troops during recent days. There are also reports that staff from the Indian consulate in Mazar-e-Sharif is also being evacuated after Afghan Taliban successfully captured several border posts with Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Iran.

According to Indian media reports as well as diplomatic sources in Kabul, the decision to withdraw diplomatic staff from Kandahar consulate came in the light of “deteriorating security situation” there, a reference to successive gains made by Afghan Taliban, as well as behind-the-scene talks with them that failed to yield desired results.

Afghan Taliban, it may be recalled, made their advance towards Kandahar on Thursday, and reached as far as the town of Boldak bordering Pakistan, with almost no resistance. The strategic district of Panjwai in the Kandahar province was conquered by Taliban last weekend, just days after US forces abandoned Bagram air base near Kabul.

Indian media said some 50 diplomats and security personnel were airlifted from Kandahar after reports that the city had been surrounded by Afghan Taliban, and that an attack on the city center was imminent.

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