Live: Taliban Spox Zabihullah Mujahid holds presser

KABUL: The spokesperson for Afghan Taliban, Zabihullah Mujahid, made his first appearance after several years of media interaction while hiding at unknown location.

Addressing a crowded press conference in Kabul on Tuesday, the first by Afghan Taliban since they took over Kabul, he said today is a historic day and the Taliban congratulate the Afghan masses for achieving historic success. He said I assure the citizens of Kabul that their security and dignity will be safe. He also assured foreigners of their security and safety. He said security of embassies in Kabul are of a crucial importance to us, we will ensure them complete security, “our forces are there round the clock to provide security to the foreign missions. For this purpose, he said, the Taliban have deployed special security squads.

Zabihullah Mujahid said “we didn’t want to enter Kabul but criminals and abusers wanted to use name of IEA for looting. Therefore, we entered the capital to ensure security of our people,” and added that the Taliban wanted to ensure everyone including United States that no foreigner will be harmed. He further said “we assure the world, especially the United States, that Afghan lands will not be used against others.”

He said “I like to assure all the compatriots whether they were contractors, or worked with military, or translators, they all have been pardoned, we don’t want anyone to leave,” adding that nobody would knock on their door to ask them who they worked for, they are going to be safe. He said “families who have been waiting at airports to flee, if they come back, nobody is going to knock on their door. They are going to be safe”

He said we want to get rid of all those elements which can create conflicts, and we are holding consultations to form a strong and modern political Islamic system in Afghanistan. He said we had the right to act on our religious principles, and that the Islamic Emirate was committed to the rights of women within the framework of sharia. He said “women are going to be very active in society but within the framework of Islam.” He said Taliban would soon be presenting a political leadership acceptable to all of the masses across the country. He said “we want to establish a government that includes all sides,” adding that they wanted an end to the war. He further said “we must leave the opportunity for politicians to determine the form of government and establish a system that meets the wishes of the Afghans and applies Islamic law. Everything will be clearer once the formation of the government completed.”

Zabihullah Mujahid said “private media will continue to be free and independent, and we request Media that Islamic values should be taken into account when developing a program.” He said all media outlets should continue their activities, but keep in mind three suggestions: No broadcast should contradict Islamic values, they should be impartial, no one should broadcast anything that goes against our national interests.

He said we have good relations with Pakistan, Russia and China but we don’t have any allies and we aren’t part of any bloc. He said Afghanistan needed international assistance to rid Afghanistan of opium & narcotics production. He said I assure the world that Afghanistan will not be a center for the production of any kind of drug. He further said that .

He said that damage to people and families occurred during the war accidentally and was not intentional and occurred in an uncontrolled situation. If it happened, it is unfortunate, adding that situation in Kabul city and elsewhere will soon be back to normal. He said the former administration was seeking war, not peace.

When asked about relations with al-Qaeda and foreign fighters, Zabihullah Mujahid said I want to reassure that Afghan lands won’t be used against others. We won’t allow anybody to use Afghanistan, we have mechanisms in place. He said “we will not allow any foreign fighter on our soil. We assure our soil will not be used against any country”.

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