Siberian Winds Grip Karachi, Mercury Drops Further

Karachi nighttime temperatures are likely to drop as low as nine to 7°C.

KARACHI Siberian thrust (Winds) strengthened overnight in Karachi and adjoining areas with winds reaching up to the speed of 30 to 35kmph and gusting up to 45 to 55kmph, bringing cold and dusty conditions.

Weather is expected to  remain cold / dry and windy for next few days in Karachi and adjoining areas and by 1st week of January,  Night Temperature is expected to  fall further by 2-4’C.

The mercury dropped to the single digit for the first time in the current year in Karachi during the night between Monday and Tuesday when 9.5 degrees Celsius was recorded in the city under the influence of the Siberian winds, Pakistan Meteorological Department officials said.

Met Officials said the windy weather was expected to prevail in the city for another couple of days and on Wednesday the wind was expected to blow at a speed of up to 25 knots, or about 40km, per hour. The Siberian winds were, however, expected to loosen their grip on the metropolis from Thursday.

The effects of Siberian winds, visible from Friday , are expected to increase gradually.

According to the forecast, daytime temperatures may fluctuate between 22°C to 24°C, whereas nighttime temperatures are likely to drop as low as nine to 7°C.

Met Dept adds:

Continental air is prevailing over most parts of the country. A shallow westerly wave is likely to affect western and upper parts of the country from Wednesday.

Light rain/thunderstorm (with snowfall over mountain) is expected at isolated places in Northwest Balochistan, upper hilly areas of Khyber Pakhunkhwa, Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan. Dense fog is likely to prevail in most plain areas of Punjab and upper Sindh while in few plain areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa during morning and night hours. Cold and dry weather is expected in most areas of the country while very cold in upper areas.

During last 24 hours, Dense fog prevailed over most plain areas of Punjab and Upper Sindh, while some districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Weather remained dry and cold in most parts of the country while very cold in upper areas.

Today’s Recorded Lowest Minimum Temperatures (°C):Skardu -18°C, Bagrote -11°C, Gupis -9°C, Astore -8°C, Kalat -07°C, Parachinar -05°C, Hunza, Giglit, Bannu -04°C, Kalam, Rawalakot, Chillas, Chakwal, Quetta and Malamjabba -03°C.

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