Panjshir Conquered, Afghan War Over, New Govt Soon: Taliban

KABUL: With the win in Panjshir battle, the Afghan Taliban have announced that the war in their country is over, completely bringing all of the country under their control.

Speaking a crowded press conference on Monday, Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid said the war had ended and they hoped to have a stable Afghanistan, warning that anyone who took up arms would be considered as the enemy of the people and the country. He said all other causes of war in Afghanistan had been eliminated, and that Panjshir was in the hands of security forces.

Speaking about the Panjshir battle, he said we wanted to resolve the Panjshir issue through talks, we tried very hard, but some who fled Kabul and took the treasury’s weapons and vehicles with them wanted to disturb the nation, they responded negatively to our delegations. “The people of Panjshir are our brothers, and they will have all the rights enjoyed by the rest of the Afghan people, and there will be no discrimination in dealing with them,” he said. “The influential and jihadi commanders of the people of Panjshir are in coordination with us. These operations were also carried out with their help,” he added.

He further said that all the officials in Panjshir were from that province, the governor and his deputy were residents of Panjshir, and that all other officials were also appointed from there to prevent further riots. He said “peoples living in the proud valley of Panjshir are an integral part of our body. They are our brothers. There is no bias in it. All the rights that our other countrymen have, the people of Panjshir also have.” He said If the people of Panjshir had been harmed in the last few days due to the disruption of telephone services and road closures, we were very sorry about that, but this happened due to those who wanted to turn Panjshir into a hotbed of sedition.

Speaking about the general conditions across Afghanistan, Zabihullah Mujahid said “the security situation in the whole country was peaceful, all security in Kabul would be provided by uniformed forces. In the last 24 hours, 4 thieves, robbers and looters have been arrested and cases are under investigation.”

About the future government in Kabul, Zabihullah Mujahid said preparations had already been made for the announcement of the new government in Kabul, and that only technical work remained so far. “We are also in a hurry, and in the next few days we will witness the announcement of the government,” he said.

Zabihullah said Technical teams from Qatar, Turkey and a United Arab Emirates company are working to restart operations at Kabul airport. He said Customs are open, and the trade situation becoming normal in Afghanistan, and that businessmen had promised to invest in Afghanistan. He said the Taliban had addressed the concerns of Pakistan about security at borders and customs ports, and about several prison breaks ( in which allegedly TTP militants wanted by Islamabad were also set free).

He said People should know that the “invaders” will never reconstruct our country and it is the responsibility of our people to do it themselves.

Zabihullah Mujahid also announced that Afghanistan was set to join CPEC project, and assured all kinds of cooperation in this regard. He said in the coming days Chinese involvement in the region would be vital and would also be monitored by many world players. He said Afghanistan would play its part for the development of the country by joining CPEC and other projects that had been delayed due to security situation.

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