Pakistan Already In Reconciliation Dialogues With TTP: PM Imran Khan

KARACHI: Prime Minister Imran Khan has disclosed that his government is already in contacts with some of the groups of banned Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP) which are seeking reconciliation.

In an interview with the Turkish media group TRT World, PM Imran Khan said in his opinion, some of the Pakistani Taliban groups actually wanted to talk to his government for the sake of peace and reconciliation, adding that the government was already in talks with some of the groups.

When asked specifically that if his government was having dialogues with the TTP, the PM said “well some of them, yes,” adding that there were different groups which formed the TTP and yes, the government was in talks with some of them.

Responding to a question about the terms and conditions, and the basis of the talks, PM Imran Khan said the dialogues with the TTP were aimed at starting reconciliation process. When asked if the Afghan Taliban were helping the Pak government in the dialogues, the PM said “in the sense that the talks are taking place in Afghanistan, in that sense yes.”

When asked that the talks between Pak government and the TTP were taking place so that TTP groups could lay down their arms, the PM said yes and then the government would forgive them so that they could become normal citizens.

When asked if the PM was expecting some sort of agreement or deal to come out or emerge between the TTP and the government, PM Imran Khan said “Yes, I repeat, I do not believe in military solutions, I am anti-military solutions, so I always believe that as a politician, political dialogues is the way ahead, which I always believed was the case in Afghanistan.”

Responding to the question that why was the TTP attacking Pak security forces if they were talking with the government and trying to reach a negotiated settlement, the PM said there had been a spate of attacks but “we are talking, we might not reach some sort of conclusion in the end, a settlement, but we are talking.”

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