ISPR Downplays TTP Presence In Malakand

RAWALPINDI: The Inter Services Public Relations has issued a statement regarding the presence and other incidents including abduction of security personnel in Swat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The statement says “during the past few days, a misperception about alleged presence of large number of proscribed organisation TTP’s armed members in Swat Valley has been created on social media. After confirmation on ground, these reports have been found as grossly exaggerated and misleading.”

The statement said thast the presence of small number of armed men on few mountain tops between Swat and Dir has been observed, located far away from population. Apparently, these individuals sneaked in from Afghanistan to resettle in their native areas. A close watch is being maintained on their limited presence and movement in mountains. Required measures are in place by all LEAs for the safety and security of people of adjoining areas. Presence of militants any where will not be tolerated and they will be dealt with full use of force if required.

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