4 Killed As Car Bomb Goes Off In Kurd Held Syrian Town

1st image after car bomb blast in Qamishli.

ISTANBUL: A powerful car bomb went off near a restaurant in the Kurd held Syrian town of Qamishli, killing and injuring a number of people.

Accordig to initial reports, the explosion took place on Munir Habib Street in front of the Omri restaurant in Qamishli. Several cars including an armoured one were damaged in the blast.

Eye witnesses said four people were killed while 9 injured in the explosion in Qamishli, a town which was believed to be much stable as compared to the rest of Syria.

YPG/SDF elements blamed Turkish forces for the explosion while a statement issued by the Turkish Defense Ministry said there were no military operations in the vicinity of Qamishli and Derik in Syria, denying YPG/SDF claims of attacks.

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