Modi’s War Mongering: Pakistan Reminds India Of Feb 27

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has rejected and condemned war-mongering remarks by Indian PM Modi in which he said India could defeat Pakistan in 7 to 10 days.

Reacting on the statement, Pakistan’s Foreign Office said “these remarks are another reflection of India’s incurable obsession with Pakistan and the BJP Government and leadership’s desperate attempts to divert attention from growing domestic and international criticism of their discriminatory,anti-Kashmir and anti-minority policies. The Indian Prime Minister’s threats and provocative statements further illustrate the extremist mindset that pervades the BJP leadership and has evidently permeated the state institutions in India.”

Reminding Feb 27 events, Pakistan’s Foreign Office said country’s immediate and effective response to India’s Balakot misadventure, including the downing of Indian fighter aircraft and capture of Indian pilot last year, should suffice to underscore the will, capacity and preparedness of our armed forces. No one should underestimate the resolve of the people and the armed forces of Pakistan to effectively thwart any aggressive action.

“We urge the international community to take cognizance of the Indian leadership’s continuing belligerent rhetoric and aggressive measures, which pose a threat to regional peace and security. We hope steps would be taken to facilitate peaceful resolution of the Jammu &Kashmir dispute for durable peace and stability in South Asia,” the foreign office added.

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