Kashmiri Boy Lynched By Hindu Mob In Rajasthan

NEW DELHI: A boy from Occupied Kashmir has been beaten to death in Rajisthan on Thursday evening after his minor brawl with Hindu boys.

According to information gathered by the Regional Telegraph, the boy identified as Basit Khan, 20 year old from Panzgam village of Kupwara in north Kashmir, was working at a hotel for couple of months.

Last night, Hindu extremists present at a party there had some brawl, after which they started beating him badly.

Basit’s friends told media that he was savagely beaten by the mob, rushed to hospital in critical condition where he succumbed to injuries.

Basit’s family in occupied Kashmir have demanded impartial probe on his death and demanded culprits should be punished according to law of the country. His family appealed the authorities to bring his body home as soon as possible.

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