India: Female College Teacher Burnt Alive By Stalker In Maharashtra

NEW DELHI: A female college Lecturer died today after being set on fire by a stalker in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

According to reports gathered from Indian media, the female lecturer identified as 25-year Ankita Pisudde, working at Tulaskar College Hinganghat in district Wardha, had been harassed for almost two years by accused Vicky Nagrale , who was reported to be father of a seven month old son.

Last Monday at 7:15am, Ankita was on her way to college when Nagrale teased her again, and after reported exchange of hot words, took out petrol from his bike and set her on fire before fleeing from the scene.

Local police said passers by tried to douse the fire by pouring water on her but till that moment, she had sustained critical burn injuries.

Dr Keshwani (president of national burns centre) told media that she had suffered severe burn injuries to her scalp, face, right upper limb, left hand, upper back and neck.

Vicky Nagrale had been arrested but the victim, 25-year Ankita Pisudde, died today, eighth day after the incident, confirmed a press note issued by Orange city hospital and research Institute.

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