Typhoon Hagibis: Death Toll Rises To 56, Dozens Missing

TOKYO: Rescue efforts gained momentum across central and eastern Japan on Monday as the death toll climbed to 56, with dozens missing and thousands rendered homeless.

According to Japanese media reports, thousands of troops and rescue workers are taking part in a major operation to pull out those stranded in flooded areas across the affected belt, with special focus on Nagano Prefecture, one of the worst hit areas .

Local media reports suggest more than 20 people were still missing while the number of injured stand at around 200.

The Typhoon, considered to be the deadliest of the century, forced cancellation of two Rugby world cup matches, and disturbed the Japanese Grand Prix. Nearly half a million population is without power in the country.

Typhoon Hagibis is now reported to be moving north and is expected to move back into the North Pacific later today.

Meanwhile, the British Met Office has warned that the typhoon could speed up the jet stream around Britain.

Met Office Science tweeted: “As warm moist air from Typhoon Hagibis comes north to clash with a cold front pushing south-east across Russia, the strengthening temperature contrast will accelerate the Jet Stream by 100mph in 48 hours”.

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