Anti-Muslim Violence Turns Delhi’s Shiv Vihar Into Ghost Town

NEW DELHI: Anti Muslim riots erupted last Monday, killing some 46 people and left hundreds other injured, have turned capital Delhi’s Shiv Vihar locality into a Ghost town.

A group of local journalists who visited the town reported burnt houses, vehicles, shops and marks of acid attacks throughout the locality. They said hundreds of families that were forced to flee their burning homes had now moved to the nearby area of Indira Vihar where local charity organizations were seen providing them food and other necessary items.

Thousands of Muslims who escaped from Shiv Vihar were now taking shelter in private homes in Chaman Park area. Most fled with only the clothes on their backs, had no idea about condition of home and their belongings. Children are traumatised having witnessed houses being burnt, attacks by mobs.

The group of newsmen saw a body, later identified as Dilwar/Dilbar Singh Negi, whose hands and legs were chopped and he was burnt alive in Shiv Vihar. His body was found in Pal Diary of Shiv Vihar which was burnt down. DRP school, several homes , a parking lot with close to 70 automobiles & many more were found gutted.

body, later identified as Dilwar/Dilbar Singh Negi

Journalists met 26-year-old Suleiman, on road that connects Shiv Vihar to Mustafabad, who said “there are people going around stealing spare iron parts.”

In Mustafabad, they saw an old shiv mandir in Bhagirathi Vihar, where Muslims had gathered for safety of this temple and pandit. “Hamari lash se guzar kar jana hoga agar kisi ko is mandir ko touch karna hai to,” Muslims were quoted as telling rioters.

A team comprising journalists and relief workers visited Shiv Vihar and witnessed the amount of damage, declaring it as devastating. They said itwas a planned attack in the area, everything was burnt including Masjid, which was burnt and damaged by explosives.

A Madrasa and 2 Mosques, Auliya & Madina Masjids in Shiv Vihar area were set on fire, looted & destroyed from inside. A person said the violence was like scenes from a film- gas cylinders would be lit & rolled under cars which would be flung high in the air when the cylinder burst.

A body was found near Shiv Vihar Metro station, stabbed multiple times.

People in Shiv Vihar, Mustafabad were now faced with cash crunch as ATMs run dry.

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