Karachi May ‘Feel’ Another Heatwave During Oct 19-22

KARACHI: The people of Karachi may feel yet another heatwave type temperature during the last week of this month due to the expected development of low pressure system over southern Arabian Sea, which will eventually disrupt sea breeze.

Experts cited wind farm analysis, saying that an area of low pressure would develop over Arabian Sea during last 10 days of October, blocking the sea breeze and causing a rise in temperature, from Oct 19 to 22, to hover between 37 degree to 39 degree, and which would be felt like 40-41 degree.

They said the low pressure system in question was expected to develop into Category -2 cyclone, and would make its way towards Yemen or Somalia. if intensifies, the Cyclone would be named as “Cyclone Kyarr”.

The interesting part is that the low pressure system at Bay of Bengal would be pulled towards Arabian Sea by Cyclone Kyarr, and thus may intensify into a stronger Cyclone.

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