16 Afghan Soldiers Killed, 10 Taken Hostage In Taliban Attacks

File Pic: Afghan Taliban

KABUL: At least 16 Afghan government troops were killed and 10 taken hostage when Taliban launched coordinated attacks on their posts in different parts of Kunduz.

According to information gathered by the Regional Telegraph, the first attack took place in Imam Saheb area in Kunduz, where Taliban fighters stormed a security check point of government troops early Wednesday morning, killing six and taking 10 of them as hostage.

Kunduz officials told Afghan media that Taliban fighters attacked an ANA checkpoint last night in Dobhol and Bagh Company areas, killing 10 soldiers on spot.

The attacks came days after Afghan President Ghani hinted at refusing to set free 6000 Taliban Prisoners, as agreed in Doha talks, arguing that his government didn’t agree to the negotiations.

Responding to Ghani’s stance, Afghan Taliban said they would abide by the Doha agreement by not attacking foreign forces in Afghanistan, but at the same time, they had no agreement of truce with the Kabul government.

Just yesterday, the Afghan Interior Ministry said some 33 attacks by Taliban took place across the country in which a number of people were killed.

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