Baghdadi Killed in US Raid?

ANKARA: The Special Operation Forces of the United States have reportedly conducted a raid in Syria’s Idlib targeting ISIS chief Al-Baghdadi.

According to reports from multiple sources, the news came after President Trump tweeted this morning that something very big has just happened.

US media quoting various unnamed government sources claimed that six military choppers were involved in Syria’s Idlib operation which was aimed at targeting ISIS chief Al-Baghdadi.

Reports claimed that President Trump had approved the operation last week, after which the US special forces conducted targeted raid in northwestern Syria after getting a tip off from the CIA.

Some reports claimed that Al-Baghdadi had detonated his suicide vest after being surrounded by the US forces, and that his bio-metric verification was underway by US officials.

A formal announcement by the Trump administration is expected to be made at 9am Sunday local time.

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