Corona Flattens World Passport Ranking: Report

KARACHI: The outbreak of Corona pandemic has ‘drained’ the power of world’s most powerful passports, bringing them at the level of other developing and poor countries.

According to a report, the announcement by World Health Organization declaring Europe as the epicenter of Corona pandemic served as a blow for the European Union as several countries rushed to shut their borders, and the USA suspending flight operations beforehand.

The report cited an update of passport indexes for 2020 which foresaw that countries as Germany, Finland and Italy, alongside with some Asian countries as Japan, South Korea, and Singapore, were supposed to top the table of world’s most powerful passports, in which table are listed about 200 world countries.

However, Corona pandemic not only drained the power of these countries’ passports but dragged them to the level of large share of world’s passports, and maybe in the following days, to the bottom.

The report says that the moment WHO announced that the EU was no longer considered an infected area, but rather the epicentre of the outbreak, many world countries shut their borders for all EU/EEA passport holders and banning entry of travellers into their territory.

The report said that before the Corona virus outbreak, German passport holders could travel to 189 world countries visa-free or with a visa on arrival for tourism or commercial purposes, Finns and Italians were capable of visiting  188 countries.

Besides these, citizens of Denmark, Luxembourg and Spain were able to visit 187 countries in 2020 without the hurdles of getting a visa in advance, while the French and Swedish EU passport holders could visit 186 countries.

The report concluded that the Coronavirus-lockdown may be a period of reflection, that may allow these countries to see the unreasonable struggles third-country nationals encounter to travel, and facilitate these procedures.

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