Cyclone Maha: Sindh Expects 1st Cold Wave This Week

KARACHI: Sindh is expected to experience its first cold wave of the current winter season this week, thanks to the impact of Cyclone Maha.

According to Met experts, although there is no direct threat to Pakistan from Cyclone Maha but the interaction between Western Disturbance and Cyclone’s currents will likely cause rain showers/isolated to scattered thunderstorm activity in southeastern Sindh especially in Tharparkar region.

Besides this, strong interaction is expected in northern parts of the country that would result in heavy rains along with thunderstorms and severe weather conditions like windstorm and hailstorm in areas of northern and central Punjab, Khyberpakhtunkhwa, Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan, between 5-7th November.

Due to favorable conditions like Low Vertical Wind Shear and High Sea Surface Temperature Cyclone Maha will continue to intensify and move in Northwestern direction during next 36-48 hours and peak into Category 3-4 Cyclonic stage.

After this time period a good western disturbance will be moving into Pakistan and it’s Shortwave Trough will break Sub Tropical Ridge and due to this Maha will take a sharp recurve in EastNorthEast direction towards Gujarat with rapid decrease in intensity due to increasing convergence and Vertical Wind Shear.

Cyclone Maha upon making landfall at Gujrat will start to suck in the Siberian Winds brought by the Western Disturbance, due to which Cold winds will be directly attracting towards Southern parts of the Country. This Cold Wave will bring temperatures down by 3-6°C all over the country, it will remain in effect from 7-10th November.

Experts believe that the present effects of cyclone Maha which is going on the North Eastern wind will be reduced from tonight, since it is far away from Karachi, but will take a U turn and will return to Gujarat.

On 08th November near Gujarat, it will start to send faster wind for Karachi once agaiv, turning the city weather colder.

Meanwhile in India, the Maharashtra Government has issued heavy rain and thundershowers warning for North Konkan and North-Central half of the direct from November 6-8 because of the cyclone ”Maha”.

Fishermen have been asked to return to the shores and the final district administrations possess been asked to remain alert.

According to UAE’s National Centre for Meteorology (NCM), the Cyclone has now been classified as a category 2 cyclone, is forecast to cause “rough seas and water surge” over the UAE’s east coast during the period of high tide from Monday to Wednesday. The east coast of Oman is also expected to be affected by the cyclone.

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