Indian Soldier Arrested For Sharing Info With ISI Agent

Vichitra Behra sent to 5-day remand to Rajasthan Intelligence Police

JAIPUR: An Indian soldier posted in Jaisalmer’s Pokhran has been arrested for spying for ISI

According to Indian media reports, one of the two Indian soldiers who was taken into custody from the Jodhpur railway station on charges of sharing crucial information with a Pakistan-based woman ISI agent, has formally been arrested while the other was freed but would be used as a witness, police sources said.

The arrested soldier has been identified as Vichitra Behra, who hails from Odisha. He was arrested under Section 3 (spying) of the Official Secrets Act on Wednesday.

Behra was arrested with another Lance Nayak Ravi Verma of Madhya Pradesh. Both were posted in Jaisalmer’s Pokhran, and were suspected of sharing confidential information to women agents of ISI through the social media in exchange of money.

Additional Director General of Police, Intelligence, Umesh Mishra said: “The soldier gave confidential information to the Pakistan woman agent via social media. He also accepted money from the other side after giving out the information.

“We had put him under surveillance after it came up that he was sharing sensitive info with Pak. He came in contact with the ISI through a woman. He then started demanding money for sharing information. We have come to know that money was deposited in his bank accounts by ISI agents,” Indian media quoted a senior IB officer as having said.

“In fact, he came in touch of the woman through social media and analysing the questions she sent, it is evident that she was a member of the Pakistani intelligence.”

The officer added that Vichitra came in contact with the woman through Facebook nearly two years ago. Initially, she used the Facebook messenger to chat with him and then started calling up through WhatsApp.

He said the woman used to dance for him during their WhatsApp video calls. She finally started collecting sensitive information from Vichitra.

“When the information regarding financial transactions was confirmed, we lodged an FIR under the Official Secrets Act and initiated an investigation. Vichitra has been arrested. We are investigating if others were also involved in sharing info with Pak,” said the officer.

He and another was suspected to be honey-trapped as he was supplying info through Whatsapp and Fb using VPN

Behra sent the details as video clips via WhatsApp, according to the police sources.

The sources added that Behra was in touch with the woman for the last two years and shared crucial information on the Exercise Sindhu Sudarshan Project.

The soldiers, who were posted in Pokhran, were taken into custody by intelligence agents on Tuesday from the Jodhpur railway station. They were later shifted to Jaipur for interrogation.

Vichitra Behra, produced in Jaipur court, sent to 5-day remand to Rajasthan Intelligence Police for allegedly sharing secret information with a suspected Pakistani ISI agent over social media.

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