Karachi Likely To Face Heatwave During 5-8 May

KARACHI: Citizens of the Metropolis may experience a short-term heatwave from 5th May 2020 (+/- 1 day error) which is expected to continue for 2-3 Days (5 – 8th May ).

According to Met experts, the heatwave type temperature during the last week of this month is caused by the expected development of low pressure system over southern Arabian Sea, which will eventually disrupt sea breeze.

Under its influence temperatures may rise upto 40 to 42’C where as feels-like temperature may rise upto 43-44’C in Karachi and adjoining areas.

Experts said that on the other hand the Sea breeze will cut off gradually from 4 May (late) for next 3-4 days and dry northern northwest winds from deserted regions of Balochistan will replace them making the weather very hot , dry and dusty.

Temperature is expected to be at its peak on 6-7th May 2020, mainly because of the presence of Western Disturbance over northern and central regions of Pakistan followed by high pressure system across the country.

However, there is a hope that during late evenings / night time winds will be turning to south / southwest directions making the night time much better and bearable in Karachi and adjoining areas.

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