PIA Plane With 107 People On Board Crashes Near Karachi Airport

PIA Airplane crash in Karachi

#EXCLUSIVE_FOOTAGE #PIA_AIRPLANE_CRASH:قومی ائیر لائن کا تیارہ Airbus 320 کراچی کی رہائشی علاقے ماڈل کولونی میں گر کر تباہ ہوگیا ہے۔ تیارے میں 100 سے زائد افراد موجود تھے۔ تیارہ گرنے سے بیشتر گھر بھی تباہ ہوگئے ہیں۔ اطلاعات کے مطابق تیارے میں کچھ High Profile لوگ بھی موجود تھے۔ PIA Airbus 320 has crashed over residential houses in Model Colony, Karachi. Various Houses destroyed, more than 100+ thought to be dead. Rumors are being circulated that some High-profile personalities were also present on the plane.

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KARACHI: A PIA plane coming from Lahore to Karachi with 107 people on board crashed near Karachi Airport with heightened fears of casualties on ground.

ماڈل کالونی میں پی آئی اے کا طیارہ گر کر تباہ, طیارہ میں 95 افراد سوار تھے۔

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Army Quick Reaction Force & Pakistan Rangers Sindh troops rushed to the incident site for relief and rescue efforts alongside civil administration .

Model Colony Karachi Ke Qareeb Girnay Walay PIA Ke Tayyaray Me 91 Musafir or Amlay Ke 7 Afrad Sawar Thay.Tayyara Girnay Se Kuch Makaano Ko Bhi Nuqsan Pohoncha.Jaa e Hadsa Per Awam Ke Hujoom Ke Bais Rescue Idaaro Ko Mushkilat Ka Samna.(15:30)

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As per initial information available, PIA flight 8303 was coming from Lahore to Karachi when it crashed in a populated area of Model Colony, Kazimabad.

Eye witnesses told Regional Telegraph that the plane was flying on an unusually low altitude when it took a turn from Saudabad to Karachi Airport runway via Model Colony, but couldn’t make to its destination and crashed in the neighborhood.

Karachi Water & Sewerage Board has imposed emergency at all of its hydrants to facilitate fire extinguishing process at the crash site, while Sindh Health Dept too has declared emergency and instructed all staff to remain alert.

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