Lily Talks about Quarantine

by Rumaysa Khan

Lily was siting in her room when suddenly peter came running in her room.

‘lily,lily what is quarantine, I just heard about it on television.’said peter.

‘Peter, don’t you know about quarantine.’ said lily.

‘no, I don’t know about it,please tell me lily.’ said peter. ‘okay,okay I will tell you what it is. Peter do you know what is covid 19.’ said lily.

‘of course,i know lily.’ said peter. ‘so the people who have this disease sit in a separate room which is called quarantine.’said lily.

‘oh okay, I understand lily,thanks for telling me.’ said peter.

‘You’r welcome’ said lily.

‘so lily I am going to my room bye,bye.’ said peter.

‘wait, peter before you go remember to wash your hands.’said lily.

‘okay,okay I will remember it.’said peter.

‘bye,bye’ said lily. ‘bye,bye’ said peter.

So dear people please remember to wash your hands in order to make our planet clean and healthy.

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