India’s UP: 35 Muslim Houses Vandalised By Local Police

NEW DELHI: Another shocking incident of Muslims’ persecution has surfaced in India, UP’s Shamli district, where local police attacked Taprana village and vandalized some 35 houses besides torturing women and children.

Reports gathered by the Regional Telegraph revealed that police came to their village late and night and vandalized around 35 houses belonging to Muslims. They broke down things in the houses, smashed cars and beat up men, women and children.

Reports suggested that the police had come to arrest someone. They got into heated arguments with that person and subsequently several police officials came to the village and went on a rampage.

They also arrested nearly three dozen people from the locality. Locals said during their attack on village, police did not even spare women.

“They abused and asked us to stand aside while they went on smashing household items. I was alone as my husband was not home at the time. This did not deter them from banging and damaging our house,” one woman told local media.

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