14 Yr Old Christian Boy Lynched, Cut Into Pieces By Hindu Fanatics In India’s Odisha

File Pic: 14 yr old Samaru Madkami

NEW DELHI: In yet another incident of gruesome violence based on religious fanaticism, a 14 year old Christian boy was lynched and dismembered into pieces by Hindu mob in the Indian state of Odisha.

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According to reports gathered by the Regional Telegraph, the incident took place in village Kenduguda which is located in Mudulipada, a tehsil in Malkangirion in Odisha, on the night of June 4 when a group of religious fanatics, who are not even residing in that village, attempted to kidnap 3 Christians.

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Two Christians managed to escape for their lives but unfortunately, young Samaru Madkami was left behind at the mercy of his assailants who brutally slayed the grade 7 student and chopped his body into pieces. After carrying out this gruesome crime, the killers buried the body and fled the scene.

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Samaru lost his mother at a very young age and was being raised by his father. Locals say Christians in this village have been facing many threats and are being continually harassed by religious fanatics. Since the beginning of this year, there have been many attacks on Christians.

Locals claim they had lodged 4 complaints at the Malkangiri police Station regarding attacks against Christian community, but all fell on deaf ears.

The local police, however, registered case under IPC 1860 sections 295-A,367,506,34, FIR NO: 0180, dated 05/06/2020, on complaint filed by Unga Madkami, the father of the victim.

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