PAF Foils Attempt By Indian Air Force To Become Active At Intl Border

KARACHI: Pakistan Air Force jets are reported to have foiled attempt by Indian Air force to become active at international borders.

The Regional Telegraph has learnt that Pak Air Force jets were in hot pursuit of Indian Air Force jets when they attempted to become active at international border with Pakistan.

PAF jets, it has been learnt, made deep incursion into Indian Punjab, around Pathankot in response to IAF jets being active on International border.

It may be mentioned here that last night, a number of social media users reported Combat Air Patrol (CAP) by PAF Jets over Karachi skies.

Meanwhile, highly placed sources told the Regional Telegraph that PAF was maintaining surveillance as normal procedures in vogue, and that no special enhanced measures required at the moment.

They, however, said that if needed the PAF would surely reply in same coin, and therefore no need to buy Indian lies.

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