India: Sikh Youth Thrashed, Humiliated, Turban Thrown in Sewerage

NEW DELHI: Hindu extremists in Indian state of UP have badly thrashed, humiliated a Sikh youth in Sherpur area in a video surfaced online recently.

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The video purports to show painful events in which mob of Hindu extremists is seen attacking an innocent Sikh youth while disrespectfully pulling his hairs, and beating him with batons.

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Information gathered by the Regional Telegraph revealed that the incident took place over a minor issue of two Sikh youth were passing through village Sherpur and their car touching the car of another youth who is learned to be a resident of the same village.

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India: Sikh Youth Thrashed, Humiliated, Turban Thrown in Sewerage

India: Sikh Youth Thrashed, Humiliated, Turban Thrown in Sewerage

Posted by Regional Telegraph on Wednesday, June 17, 2020

This turned into a heated exchange of arguments after which the local Hindu called his clan members and started attacking Sikh youth.

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Despite the presence of police, as seen in the video, Hindu mob kept attacking the Sikh youth, removed his turban, threw it in nearby open sewerage, and pulled hairs of Sikh youth during this attack.

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The incident sparked a wave of outrage spread across the Sikh community living in nearby areas which staged protest in Gajraula and Dhanaura outside the local police station seeking indictment of attackers. However, no action has been taken so far against the attackers.

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