Myanmar Jade Mine Landslide: Death Toll Rises to 172

YANGON: The death toll as a result of deadly landslide that struck a jade mine in Myanmar has risen to 172, with dozens of people injured in the tragedy.

The incident had happened on Thursday in Hpakant, an area is close to the Chinese border in Kachin state, when a hillside collapsed in heavy monsoon rains, sending a deluge of smothering mud over the workers who were scouring the land for fragments of jade.

Myanmar’s Fire Department confirmed retrieving 172 bodies by Friday night, saying 54 injured were sent to the phrakant hospital and the waqar hospital.

میانمار (برما) کی ریاست کاچن میں Jade کی کان مٹی کے تودے کی زد میں آگئی، 50افراد ہلاک، سیکڑوں لاپتہVisuals from Myanmar, Kachin state, where land slide struck a jade mine, killing at least 50 workers, hundreds more missing

Posted by Regional Telegraph on Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Eye witnesses told media that most of those who lost lives in the tragedy are Rakhine, Muslim ethnic group living in areas bordering Bangladesh.

on Friday, authorities buried dozens of jade miners amid tears and cries in huge grave gouged from the red earth by a mechanical digger near the scene of the landslide.

Mass burial service for the victims of landslide accident at a jade mining site in Hpakant, Kachin State, northern Myanmar. Photo: Zaw Moe Htet/EPA

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