When Lucy and her family were on a walk they reached on a cliff. There was a bridge near the cliff. Lucy was not sure if this bridge was safe. But her family just crossed the bridge. Lucy saw that bridge now had a crack she screamed to her family to go to safety.

The family ran to safety and now Lucy stuck on one side and her parents were on the other side, Lucy was scared .. she was alone and almost in tears, when suddenly Jack the Prince appeared and said I’ll take you to the other side. I can fly. Jack flew to the other side with all his strength and served the princess. “O’ Prince what is you name?” said Lucy the princess. “Jack, My name is Jack”. Jack said. “O’Jack, I am grateful to you, any way let’s best friends Jack.” said Lucy “Okay, princess.” said Jack “This is my family and my name is Lucy.” said Lucy. “My family lives in another country.” said Jack. “My father is very strong and my mother can get tall as she wants and my little brother can strength his arms and legs as much as he wants and I am a Royal Princess.” Said Lucy. “I am a Royal Prince.” Said Jack.” Any way princess I bought a gift for you.” said Jack “WOW wings.” said Lucy. “I always wanted to fly.” said Lucy. “Now I will give you a gift.” Said Lucy. “WOW, a key chain, Thank you Lucy.” said Jack.

Jack and Lucy happily flew towards the sky and becomes the happiest friend in the entire world.

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