Pakistan Agrees To Kunar Ceasefire: Afghan Foreign Office

File Pic: Afghan Foreign Office

KABUL: As a result of the diplomatic efforts of the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pakistan has agreed to ensure a ceasefire (in Kunar) and to hold a meeting under the banner of military officials of both countries in the region.

This was disclosed in a statement issued by the Afghan Foreign Ministry late last night.

The statement came after reports of clashes between Pakistan and Afghan forces on Kunar’s border areas, following mortar attack on Bajaur district a day earlier in which a 22 year old girl was injured while a number of livestock perished.

According to the statement released by Afghan foreign ministry, the Afghan government condemned, what it called, “rocket attacks by the Pakistan Army on the areas of Kunar, which resulted in personal and financial losses.”

The statement says that “Afghanistan has, as always, performed its sacred duty of defending the country’s territorial integrity and national sovereignty at the behest of the old defense and security forces.”

Afghan foreign ministry statement termed the fencing of 1600 miles long Pak-Afghan border as unacceptable, saying that “creation of arbitrary installations along the supposed Durand Line could lead to tensions between the two countries.”

It said that Afghanistan was ready to discuss similar bilateral issues through diplomatic channels.

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