Fog On Motorway, Traffic Suspended From Rashakai To Peshawar

KARACHI: Dense fog has gripped Motorway and parts of National Highways, reducing visibility to as low as 10 meters.

According to data gathered from National Highways & Motorway Police, Motorway from Rashakai (KM 459) to Peshawar (KM 498) had to be closed due to Fog, while commuters at National Highway (N-5), faced nuisance as the visibility was reduced to as low as 10 meters on the area between Naseerabad Bypass (KM 270) to Rattodero Toll Plaza (KM 328).

Similarly, visibility from Swabi Runway (KM 409) to Swabi Interchange (KM 420), from Mardan service Area (KM 455) to Rashakai Interchange (KM 459) and Fg from Halani (KM 382) to Rohri bypass (KM 485) has been reduced to as low as 40 meters.

Elsewhere, visibility from Ghotki (KM 430 to KM 480) remained at 50 meters, from Jahangira (KM 1637) to Mullan Mansoor (KM 1623) 50-100 meters, from Mullan Mansoor (KM 1623) to Attock Khurd (KM 1627) 50-100 meters, from Thokar Niaz Baig (KM 05) to Babu Sabu (KM 07) 80 to 90 meters, from Halani (KM 382) to Rohri Bypass (KM 485) 50 to 60 meters and from Ratto Kot (KM 295) to Ratto Kot (KM 298) 80 meters.

National Highway (N-5) portion between Rohri Bypass (KM 485) to Sarhad Bypass(KM 552) was clear of Fog by the filing of this report.

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