153 New Dengue Cases Reported In Sindh

143 Dengue cases reported in Karachi

KARACHI: As much as 153 new cases of Dengue fever have been reported across Sindh, out of which 143 have been reported in Karachi alone.

According to details released by Dengue Surveillance Cell, the number of Dengue cases reported across the province this year has climbed to 4,691, out of which 4,413 cases have been reported in Karachi. At least 14 people have lost lives due to Dengue in the province.

Sources at the Sindh Health Department disclosed on condition of anonymity that the actual number of people affected by Dengue fever could be as high as 10,000. They claim that since numerous patients in urban areas tend to move to private hospitals for treatment, such case are not reported to official mechanism.

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