Chinese Forces Frequently Visit Indian Areas In Arunachal Pradesh: Report

NEW DELHI: China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has actually turned out to be frequent visitor to Indian occupied areas in Arunachal Pradesh.

Indian media reports quoted locals in Arunachal Pradesh saying that Chinese PLA entered Indian territory in July and August through Hadigra Pass and Glaitakru Pass. Hadigra Pass and Glaitakru pass are on the McMahon Line near the Chaglagam area in Anjaw district of Arunachal Pradesh, and this state of AP shares 1,129 km of border with Chinese Tibet.

Locals told Indian media that in the month of August, Chinese forces came approximately 60 km inside Indian Territory through Glaitakru Pass and wrote something in Chinese language on rocks there.

It is pertinent to mention here that Indian officials believe there is no actual Line of Control between India and Chinese Tibet at Arunachal Pradesh, and that the international border between both the countries is the MacMahon Line.

It may be recalled that recently, five Indians were reportedly ‘abducted’ by Chinese forces from approximately 50-60 km inside the Indian Territory in Arunachal Pradesh, and Indian Army’s statement that our youths were abducted from Sera 7 area, means the Indian Army is ascertaining the illegal activities of the Chinese Army inside Indian Territory.

Local Indians said Chinese incursions are not new in Arunachal Pradesh, as every year, the Chinese forces enter the Indian area, build structures and write on rocks; just to send a message that the land belongs to them.

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