8 Killed, Several Injured in Multiple Rocket Attacks Across Kabul

KABUL: At least eight people were killed and more than 30 injured as various rockets hit different areas across Afghan capital Kabul on Saturday.

Afghan Interior Ministry confirmed the attacks, saying some rockets exploded inside Green Zone, while others struck Shar-e-Naw and Khair Khana areas.

Kabul Police said that 23 rockets fired on various parts of Kabul city today from two vehicles and hit PD9, PD10, PD15, PD11, PD16, and PD2. According to the police one woman and 7 men killed and 13 women, while more than 30 people including 3 children and 15 men were wounded.

Reports gathered by the Regional Telegraph show that multiple vehicles, shops and buildings were also damaged in the rockets’ attacks.

One of the video surfaced online purported to show that school girls running for life after their area was hit by rocket.

Another footage appears online purported to show a vehicle being used to fire rockets across Kabul City.


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