About Us

Regional Telegraph is a news website which posts fastest updates from Pakistan and the region, with special focus on covering India, Afghanistan, Iran and the Middle East. 

The need to develop such a website was felt in the midst of recent developments taking place around the globe. In today’s era, electronic and digital tools and devices have re-shaped means of communications worldwide, and information is not only accessible with much ease, but available round the clock at your fingertips. 

At the same time, since it is the age of 5th generation warfare which not only includes disseminating fake news, but also employs elements to spread false propaganda with much speed to take edge over genuine and real happenings. Such warfare has not only contributed to the opinion making of entire nations against their own national interests and governments, but paved way for hostilities in certain regions the Middle East and in the South Asia that led to armed conflicts. Such maneuvers are examples of tactics, designed to make certain gains in one shape or another.

Over past decade or so, the world has also witnessed proliferation of Islamphobia across Europe and other parts of the world. At the same time, a rise in Islamphobic attacks has also been noted across the globe, much of such incidents were fuelled by the media.

Comprising journos of vast background from leading news outlets, both from print and electronic media, Regional Telegraph is aimed at not only posting updates based on facts and figures, but also intends to counter the modern day hybrid/5th generation war while, at the same time, sticking to its policy of authenticity, objectivity, reporting without any bias against any party, group and belief.

Our team desires to not only promote positive image of Pakistan by highlighting its achievements and progress, but also intends to counter narrative being built and spread against the country by eliminating it with the help of facts and logic.

Regional Telegraph strongly believes in the rights of freedom of expression and access to information, but at the same time, it also strongly believes that these freedoms cannot be used as means and ways to breach the privacy of any individual or institution, or hurting beliefs, sentiments of any particular community, sect or religion.

Besides, Regional Telegraph welcomes whistleblowers when they expose corruption and malpractice, but at the same time, it news disguising as malicious leaks that are only intended to malign an individual or state institutions.

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